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The origin of my name: Ketterra Lee Johnson 

The last name is really easy to explain – so I will start with that one.  It is the same last name as my mommy (Sara Kathleen Johnson) and my daddy (Timothy James Johnson).  So of course, I have the same last name.

 My middle name is also really easy to explain…it is the same name as my Mommy’s mommy – my Grandma.  Her name is Lee too!  Other people in my family (cousins, aunts, etc) also have Lee as a middle name.  So, the tradition continues.

My first name is the tricky one.  On my Daddy’s side of the family, dating back to the Civil War time period, there was an ancestor named Keturah.  However, my Mommy and Daddy wanted to change the spelling of my name and get rid of the “urah”.  So they spelled my name Ketterra and left me with the option of a nickname of “Terra” or “earth”.

 On a special note: In Hebrew, Keturah means Fragrance.  She was also mentioned as Abraham’s wife in Genesis 25:1.  So, I guess that I can take my name from whatever source I want too, but with a special spelling that is unique to me. 

Special Mention:  My Mommy and her sisters all had the word “Bear” attached to their names.  Sara-Bear, Kari-Bear, Becca-Bear…Terra-Bear.  It works for me too!!!!